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Review Committee

1. Studying the internal control system, presenting its observations and recommendations thereon, and proposing any amendments it deems appropriate to ensure its effectiveness.
2. Studying the internal audit reports, setting corrective measures, proposing recommendations thereon, and following up on what was done in this regard.
3. Presenting proposals to the Board of Directors regarding the appointment and dismissal of the auditor, determining his fees, and setting controls that guarantee his independence and the continuity of this independence.
4. Studying the scope of the audit with the auditor and expressing its observations on it and expressing an opinion on assigning any other work to him other than auditing the company’s accounts, and proposing his fees for these works in a manner that does not conflict with the Egyptian auditing standards and without prejudice to his independence.
5. Studying the draft initial financial statements before submitting them to the Board of Directors in preparation for sending them to the auditor.
6. Studying the auditor's report on the financial statements and discussing it with the notes and reservations contained therein, following up on what has been done in this regard, and working to resolve differences in viewpoints between the company's management and the auditor.
7. Studying the accounting policies used and expressing an opinion and recommendation to the Board of Directors in this regard.
8. Preparing a periodic report at least every three months or whenever needed on the results of the committee's work and presenting it to the company's board of directors.