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Risk Committee

1. Developing the organizational frameworks, procedures and rules necessary to deal with all types of risks other than the strategic risks that the Board of Directors deal with, such as: operational risks, market risks, credit risks, reputation risks, information systems risks, and risks that affect the company's sustainability.
2. Assisting the Board of Directors in identifying and evaluating the level of risks that the company can accept, and ensuring that the company does not exceed this risk level.
3. Supervising and verifying the effectiveness of the company’s risk management in carrying out the tasks assigned to it, and ensuring that it performs its work adequately within the limits of its assigned competencies, and not combine the risk management function with the company’s executive functions.
4. Following up on the continuity and effectiveness of the policies for measuring, following up and controlling risks in light of market developments and the surrounding environment externally and internally.
5. Ensuring the availability of appropriate and effective information and communication systems with regard to the process of monitoring and monitoring risks.
6. Verifying that effective information-keeping systems are in place and run efficiently.
7. Preparing a periodic report at least every three months or whenever needed on the results of the committee’s work to be presented to the Board of Directors.