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Governance Committee

1. Applying periodic evaluation of the company's corporate governance system and presenting evidence, charters and internal policies on how corporate governance rules are implemented within the company.
2. Preparing an annual report on the company's compliance with the rules of corporate governance, with the development of appropriate procedures to complete the implementation of those rules.
3. Reviewing the company's annual report and the Board of Directors' report, especially with regard to disclosure and other items related to corporate governance.
4. Saving, documenting and following up reports on evaluating the performance of the Board of Directors.
5. Studying the remarks of the supervisory authorities on the implementation of corporate governance in the company, taking them into consideration, and following up on what has been done in their regard.
6. Ensuring the company's commitment to follow the internal and external systems, regulations and laws in accordance with the reports submitted to it by the Compliance Department or other concerned departments.
7. Supervising the control procedures in relation to related party transactions. 8. Studying the remarks or violations received from the regulatory authorities and follow up on what has been done regarding them.