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Services Fees

Following the decision of the Minister of Investment for the year 2008
First: Central Depository Services
1- Subscriptions for the first time:
# Members of the Central Depository Value in EGP
1 Brokerage Firms 10000 EGP
2 Portfolio management companies and investment funds 20000 EGP
3 Custodians 20000 EGP
4 Registered Owner 20000 EGP

2- Annual Subscriptions:
# Members of the Central Depository Value in EGP
1 Brokerage Firms 5000 EGP
2 Portfolio management companies and investment funds
3 Custodians
4 Registered Owner

3- Clearing and Settlement Fees:
# Item Value
1 Stocks and corporate bonds (One hundred and twenty-five in a million) from the value of each operation, with a maximum of five thousand EGP or USD, according to the execution currency
2 Government Shares Fifty EGP for an operation.
The mentioned values are paid by the brokerage firm by deduction from the settlement account

4- Central ownership services for securities (stocks and corporate bonds):
The service fee shall be five percent of the market value of the securities balance at the end of December of the fiscal year, and shall be collected from the competent custodian.
5- Mortgage services:
The fee for the service shall be one hundred EGP for each of the mortgage services, and the value shall be collected from the mortgage creditor.
6- The fee for the sub-services of the central depository activity is twenty EGP for one service for each beneficiary.
Second: Central Registry Services for Securities:
# Item Value
1 Securities issuers * Subscriptions for the first time * Half per thousand of the nominal value of any issue (shares - corporate bonds) with a maximum of ten thousand EGP or its equivalent in the issue currency.
2 Annual Subscriptions 250 EGP (two hundred and fifty Egyptian EGP) for companies whose capital is less than 5 million Egyptian EGP. 2500 EGP (two thousand five hundred Egyptian EGP) for companies whose capital is 5 million Egyptian EGP or more.
3 Query services from the company's database The annual subscription for one service for the beneficiary is five hundred EGP, in addition to the actual cost incurred by the company to perform the required service, in particular what is paid to any external party.
4 Automated linkage services with issuers Determined in segments according to the number of shareholders of the issuing entity, with a maximum of thirty thousand EGP annually.
5 Shareholders List Issuance Services One EGP for each shareholder, with a maximum of three thousand EGP.
6 Legal services to prove the transfer of ownership (legacy - liquidation – etc.) One EGP for each shareholder, with a maximum of three thousand EGP.

Third: Printing services for reports and certificates:
2 EGP per sheet for any report, and 50 EGP per certificate for the beneficiary

Fourth: Free services for the central depository and registry activities:
1- Free Services for Central Depository Activity:
# Service Service Target Beneficiary
1 Receiving, examining, reviewing and recording physical securities for sale. No. of Instruments Brokerage Firm
2 Printing settled transactions for the seller or buyer No. of Statements Brokerage Firm
3 Securities Rejection No. of Instruments Brokerage Firm
4 Issuing a statement of transactions in replacement for the lost one
5 Re-receiving, examining, reviewing and recording the physical securities of the rejected sale transactions. No. of Instruments Brokerage Firm
6 Offering of a detailed transaction statement for transactions that have been settled within 5 working days Brokerage Firm
7 Printing an account statement for up to 5 days Days Brokerage Firm
8 Receipt and settlement of transfer orders from the seller's custodian to the seller's or buyer's broker account No. of Transactions Custodian
9 Reservation, receipt and settlement of sales orders for the client’s account with MCDR A - through linkage Contract Brokerage Firm
10 Transferring a portfolio from MCDR to the pending transactions with custodians
11 Print settled transactions for seller and buyer No. of Statements Brokerage Firm
12 Preparing transfer orders from the buyer's broker's account to the buyer's custodian No. of Transactions Custodian
13 Depository Rejection No. of Instruments Custodian
14 Receiving a previously rejected Depository No. of Instruments Custodian
15 Refusal of deposits of temporary certificates or instruments for not conforming to the data provided by the issuer No. of Instruments Issuer
16 Deposit settlement No. of Deposits Custodian
17 Deposit settlement of pledged shares No. of Deposits Mortgagee Debtor
18 Preparing an order to transfer securities from available to pledged Mortgagee Debtor
19 Mortgage settlement Mortgagee Debtor
20 Request to inquire about missing securities instrument numbers in order to extract a replacement for the lost ones No. of Records Issuer
21 Preparation and settlement of the transfer order from the deceased to the heirs No. of Records Custodian
22 Implementation of prohibition orders issued by the competent judicial authorities No. of Records Requesting Authority
23 Execution of detentions (judicial and administrative detention) No. of Records Requesting Authority
24 Freezing the shares of brokerage firms’ clients due to the indebtedness of the agents, according to the model contract signed between them No. of Transactions Applicant
25 Possession mortgage requests for securities listed on the stock exchange and not the company Applicant
26 Preparing and settling the transfer order to implement the will, endowment, or settlements of the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the liquidation device No. of Records Applicant
27 Reprint the Certificate of Transfer of Ownership of Physical Securities No. of printed Paper Applicant
29 Notice of transfer of ownership of physical securities submitted to the Stock Exchange No. of printed Paper Egyptian Exchange
31 Printing a list of the custodians, addresses and telephone numbers for the client Applicant
32 Cancelling operations before settlement No. of Transactions Brokerage Firm
33 Follow up the implementation of the deduction and addition on the accounts of the two clearing banks Brokerage Firm
34 Resolving the problems of the clearing members (clearing banks) Brokerage Firm
35 Transferring settlements of a clearing member from one bank to another Brokerage Firm
36 Detection of outstanding operations before settlement Brokerage Firm
37 Notifying brokerage firms of transactions Brokerage Firm
38 Freezing a shareholder's balances to stop dealing with them based on the shareholder's request No. of Accounts Shareholder
39 Unfreezing the shareholder's balances due to removing the reason of the freeze - attending a general assembly No. of Accounts Shareholder
40 Technical support for automatic connection No. of times support is requested Broker or Custodian
42 Receiving stock deposits from clients affiliated with MCDR, reviewing and listing them on the system and handing them over to the Central Depository Department to be settled Client
43 Transfer to a custodian either based on the request of clients or the issuing company Client
44 Freezing based on the client’s request to attend the general assembly, for his travel outside the country, or based on a legal justification from another party Client
45 Combining a balance in case that a new code is created for the client in the stock exchange to change the identity verification, the custodian creates a new code then combines this code, copies the necessary documents and sends them to the Securities Accounts Department Client
46 Replying to customer inquiries Client
47 The Custody Department approves the reservation of balances for its clients in case there is a balance and after verifying the documents indicating the process, the transactions are sent to settlement in case of sale Client
48 Approving of the allocation of purchases after verifying the documents indicating the process and sending them for settlement in case of purchase Client
49 Request to know the balance, subscribe, or clarify any planned operation Client
50 The settlement guarantee fund covers some transactions, then the shares are transferred in the name of the fund and appear in the records of MCDR, which allocates them and sends them to settlement, after which the fund sells or transfers to other records Settlement Guarantee Fund
51 Foreign transactions (selling - buying - subscribing - paying dividends) that are implemented within the framework of the tripartite agreement in this regard between the Arab Republic of Egypt, Kuwait and Lebanon. Clients of the External Agreement
52 Collecting capital checks received from members in the guarantee fund's accounts Settlement Member
53 Issuing checks for participation differences in deficiency in the capital of the guarantee fund Settlement Member
54 Issuing cheques for the members of the settlement for their contribution to the capital of the guarantee fund Settlement Member
55 Members preparing and delivering certificates of their contribution to the capital of the guarantee fund Settlement Member
56 Exclusion of the correction account from the calculation of delays and actual coverage Settlement Member
57 Daily work: warning non-committed members, submit a claim to non-committed members, handover a detailed statement of operations to non-committing members Settlement Member
58 Service Provided Settlement Member
59 Settlement by deduction Settlement Member
61 Technical support for operating Software Brokerage Firm
62 Granting brokerage firms a copy of the SWIFT program Brokerage Firm
63 Three USER NAME & PASSWORD Brokerage Firm
64 Allowing brokerage firms to work with "TEST" system Brokerage Firm
2- Free Services for Central Registry Activity:
# Service Service Target Beneficiary
1 Create a permanent record of shareholders No. of Shareholders/ Issuing Accounts Issuer
3 Recording deposits in the shareholders register No. of Deposits Issuer
4 Evidence of the transfer of ownership of transactions executed in the stock exchange in the shareholders’ register based on the settlement result No. of Records Issuer
5 Cancelling transactions after settlement No. of Transactions Issuer
6 Proof of transfer of ownership from the registered owner to the beneficial owner and vice versa, including GDR operations No. of Records Issuer
Proof of transfer of ownership for the operations of inheritance, boons and wills No. of Records Issuer
7 Proving the settlements of the Public Prosecutor and the guards liquidation device No. of Records Issuer
8 Proof of inclusion of balances in the shareholders register Issuer
9 Evidence of freezing the balance of pledged securities based on a court decision or judgment or other legal cases. No. of Transactions Freeze Claimer
10 Updating the personal data of the owner of the security, such as the address and phone numbers, based on the requests, and updating the record with these amendments Number of data records to be modified Issuer
11 Amending the data of the issuer upon its request, such as (name & address &..etc). Issuer
12 Transfer of ownership of mortgaged securities between the registered owner and the beneficiary or in the operations of bequests, gifts and wills, where the mortgage is lifted and then the mortgage is returned in the name of the buying shareholder (two transactions) No. of Transactions Issuer
13 Transfer of mortgage on mortgaged securities where the current mortgage is released and a new mortgage is made after receiving the required documents (change of creditor mortgaged - two operations) No. of Transactions Issuer
14 Proof of the custodian of the pledged securities No. of Transactions Issuer
15 Mortgaging shares that are added to shareholders’ accounts for the benefit of the mortgagee creditor in case of distributing bonus shares or splitting the share No. of Transactions Issuer
16 Reserving the pledged securities and registering them in the name of (the shareholder / mortgagor bank) allowing the mortgagee creditor to sell these securities based on a court decision (two operations) No. of Transactions Issuer
17 Freezing the balance of pledged securities at the request of the debtor shareholder or his heirs to prevent the creditor from selling them in case of a judicial dispute and until the dispute is resolved judicially or by agreement. No. of Transactions Freeze Claimer
18 Freezing and writing off the freezing of securities balances at the request of the owner of the security, an agent or a judicial authority. No. of Transactions Freeze Claimer
19 Printing customer data update forms and photocopying the identity card Security Owner
20 Preparing a statement of the names of the shareholders on a specific date at the request of an official or judicial body No. of Shareholders Requesting Entity
21 Recording the data of the securities payable to exchange (shares - bonds) Issuer
22 Preparing a list of the names of the owners of the security on a specific date, for the purpose of disbursing their dues (coupons / redemption value) and determining the dues of each of them No. of Shareholders Issuer
23 Distribution of dividends to the owner of the security due to his death No. of Records Security Owner
24 Receiving checks from the issuer for the value of the security holders' dues, depositing them in the bank for collection and adding them to the company's account No. of Cheques Issuer
25 Follow-up to make sure that the issuer transfers the dues of the owners of the security to the company's account through the bank Issuer
26 Cash exchange through exchange outlets Issuer
27 Issuing a cash exchange permit instead of a lost one or the issuing an alternative exchange permit and cancelling of the previous one No. of Bills Security Owner
28 Transferring the dues to the account of the owner of the security in one of the banks, giving him a detailed statement of the amounts transferred to his account No. of Transfers Security Owner
29 Exchange the redemption value of the bonds through exchange outlets No. of Bills Issuer
30 Documentation of authorization to spend with the company Definite Amount Security Owner
31 Inquiring about the timings of the exchange of securities and the issuing the exchange prospectus Security Owner
32 Subscribing in home delivery service Definite Amount Security Owner
33 Delivery of dues in cash or by check to the headquarters of the owners of the securities Security Owner
34 Preparing a list of the names of securities holders on a specific date for the purpose of carrying out the operations decided by the general assembly of the issuer No. of Records Issuer
34/1 Capital Increase (Free Shares) No. of Records Issuer
34/2 Extract the share fracture distribution statement, offset or sell these fractures, and distribute the sale product No. of Shareholders Issuer
34/3 Capital Increase (General/ Closed Subscription) No. of Records Issuer
34/4 Stock Split No. of Records Issuer
34/5 Stock pooling (opposite to the split process) No. of Records Issuer
34/6 Reducing the capital, except for the treasury shares No. of Records Issuer
34/7 Mergers and Acquisition No. of Records Issuer
34/8 Bond Issuance No. of Records Issuer
34/9 Reinvestment plans No. of Records Issuer
34/10 Securities Transfers No. of Records Issuer
34/11 Request the rest of the issued capital No. of Records Issuer
34/12 Liquidation No. of Records Issuer
35 Voice Service Shareholder