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Hiring Foreign Relations

MCDR is pleased to announce the opportunity to join our unique business as we are looking for talented, energetic, dynamic and self-motivated employees to join our team.
Foreign Relations Officer:
This role is a key representative to the company in dealing with International Organizations affiliated with MCDR, and administrators for administrative duties by providing timely and accurate information and resolving issues.

Key Responsibilities:
• Represent MCDR and market its products internationally in events and conferences.
• Coordinate and prepare road shows, meetings, and conferences.
• Meet international delegations; prepare their visits' agenda and presentations.
• Prepare press releases for major events and prepare briefs about MCDR services.
• Responsible for arranging and following up on all Memoranda of Understanding with other international organizations.
• Discuss areas of coordination and development with international organizations and answering their inquiries.
• Research and reply to all the international organizations inquiries and requests.
• Ensure accurate completion of surveys and questionnaires required by International Organizations in a timely manner within deadlines by collecting data required from various departments of the company.
• Coordinate with various organizations or federations to enhance the performance of the different markets and coordinate bilateral programs.

• A bachelor's degree in business, marketing, finance, economics, or a related field would be a benefit.
• 5+ years of working experience.
• Excellent communication and computer skills specifically Microsoft office applications (word, PowerPoint and excel).
• English language proficiency both spoken and written.
• Strong report writing skills.
• Good analytical and information integration skills with high attention to details.
• Ability to take initiative and strong leadership skills.

To apply, send it to this E-mail : hr-recruitment@mcsd.com.eg
We are accepting applications till 14th of May 2022.