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Sustainability and social responsibility

The company integrates the principles of sustainable development into its work policies. It is committed to a governance structure related to sustainability, in which it ensures its responsibility towards its employees, customers, society and the environment in a way that guarantees the right of future generations. Misr Clearing Company has joined the Egyptian Stock Exchange for Sustainable Development to promote fruitful cooperation between civil society institutions, government institutions and the private sector, and coordinate between them to provide more integrated and effective solutions and services to confront the most pressing development issues for the citizen in Egypt. And also to support the health and education sectors and contribute to creating training and employment opportunities through linking with the private sector, providing basic services to the underprivileged and the neediest groups, and organizing awareness campaigns so that the citizen can turn into a productive force for community development.

MCDR is keen to play an effective role in serving the community. Accordingly, the General Assembly of Shareholders annually deducts part of the company’s profits and donates it to charities to serve the community by a decision of the Ordinary General Assembly. The company has carried out many charitable and social activities in Upper Egypt with the Cairo South Rotary Club, for example, the surgeries convoy for Sohag, November 1-4, 2017.

The Environment:
The company complies with the laws and regulations applicable locally and internationally in the environmental and social fields in all its internal operations:
1 - The company adopts a policy of not wasting resources and works on recycling chopped paper.
2 - Energy conservation by installing energy-saving lamps, and rationalizing water consumption through water-saving taps.
3- No smoking inside its buildings.
4 - The company is working on a forestation of the roof of the building to provide a healthy place for workers to enjoy their break time.
5- The company gives courses to educate employees about the importance of sustainable development and raise environmental awareness.
6- Adhering to environmental standards in all the company's projects.