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Customer care:
The customer is the milestone of the company's success and the criteria for its development and keeping up with market requirements. By studying market trends and customer transactions, the available services can be updated to facilitate dealing. As well as innovating new services that may attract many customers, which helps to revitalize the market and the economy.

The nature of the company's business and its activities depend on integrity in executing tasks and maintaining confidentiality of data and transactions, especially with the implementation of the anti-corruption policy. Through the commitment and responsibility of employees and their implementation of rules and policies, integrity becomes an inherent feature of the company's general environment.

Commitment :
Commitment is a voluntary value that arises from the individual’s will and seriousness as a way of life, which is positively reflected on the work environment as follows:

Undertaking responsibility:
Allowing workers to undertake the responsibility for the tasks assigned to them and not to place them on others, by supporting and granting them all the necessary powers to take decisions within the scope of these powers.

Adherence to institutional rules, values and policies:
Follow and adhere to institutional and legal policies and values in order to achieve professional efficiency and workmanship.

Dedication to work and achieving efficiency:
Dedication to work is inseparable from commitment and responsibility. This helps in developing both the organization and employees

Innovation, development and leadership in the Egyptian market:
To maintain the company’s leadership in its field and develop it to attract more investors, it must not just be satisfied with the usual services. But work to innovate the means that facilitate the access of services to customers. Also develop work methods and train employees on the latest technological tools that facilitate the completion of work perfectly, and change the culture of employees by searching market requirements to help develop new services.

Teamwork :
The strength of any institution is based on teamwork and the positive environment that brings together workers despite their differences. The goal is to preserve the entity that includes various disciplines, through integrated work teams that have one goal in mind, which is the success and development of the institution.

Communication :
Communication in the institution is not limited to the success of communication between employees or different parties within the institution, but extends to communication with customers and different parties within the Egyptian market. This reflects a professional and honorable image of the institution inside and outside the country.