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Hiring Investor Relations

Investor Relations
MCDR has the pleasure to announce a vacant position as an Investor Relations to join our team. This role is a key contact with investors, consultants, and administrators for administrative duties. This person provides excellent service to investors and their representatives by providing timely and accurate information and resolving issues.

Key Responsibilities:
• Develop, update and maintain Investment Relations database.
• Assist in developing quarterly and annual results communication including financial results, press releases and key messages.
• Prepare IR materials, including reports, presentations, news releases, and companies' materials for investors meetings, as well as for quarterly earnings release.
• Preparation of all marketing materials.
• Collaborate across internal functions in developing key materials that will be used with senior management
• Conduct research reports, financial models, industry and economic analysis.
• Build relationships with investors and with other business parties.
• Assist in developing a social media presence for the company’s investor relations

• Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or related field.
• 5+ years of relevant experience
• Strong knowledge and technical understanding of equity markets, analysts’ models and different valuation methods.
• Proficient computer skills, specifically Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
• Excellent written, oral and presentation skills as well as strong quantitative and analytical skills
• Strong skills and understanding of financial statements
• Strong communication skills.

To apply, send it to this E-mail : hr-recruitment@mcsd.com.eg
We are accepting applications till 14th of May 2022.