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Objective of the system MCDR always aims to provide the best services to the Egyptian stock market. And in its constant quest to improve its services and reach the satisfaction of the shareholders, it has signed a contract with the Commercial International Bank (CIB) to provide the automatic exchange service (ATM), for disbursement of dues and their returns by the method of opening a joint account for the shareholder in the bank from the balance of his dues in the company. This provides the subscriber with a guarantee of cash disbursement of his balance through automatic teller machines or payment to vending machines in shops and service places throughout the week 24/7.

This service is considered a transfer in the methods of exchange and cash payment of dues and returns on securities in the money markets, confirming our leadership in the field.
We assure the shareholders that we will spare no effort to work for their satisfaction, and we will strive with the best of our experiences to reach the highest excellence in our duties so that praise is our result.

System Advantages:
- A card without opening a bank account.
- A card that can be withdrawn and used for purchases (Master Card).
- A card that you can withdraw throughout 24/7.
- You can follow your earnings on our website www.mcsd.com.eg by subscribing to the internet service provided by the company - Easy procedures for obtaining a card by simply subscribing to the service through our company's branches, and receiving the card within 5 working days.
- The daily withdrawal limit is 15000 pounds.
- The permissible limit for purchase is 30,000 pounds.
- Free SMS for withdrawals.
- Easy withdrawal for areas that are not yet covered by cash exchange outlets.

Card extraction procedures:
- Head to MCDR or one of its branches or the nearest branch of the CIB that has a profit exchange service.
- Submit a service request form from the customer service employee at MCDR. - Present a valid proof of identity.
- The service cannot be performed with a power of attorney.
- The card is issued to the guardian of the minors with the birth certificate, provided that the minor’s phone is different from that of the guardian’s - The card is extracted within five working days and the customer can come to receive the card himself or request to send his card to his address by a courier. The customer shall bear the expenses.
- After receiving the card, the customer goes to any cash register of the Commercial International Bank (CIB) to activate the card.
- In case of facing any problem with the card, the customer can contact the Commercial International Bank (CIB) Customer Service Center on the number 19666.

Download the service subscription request