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MCDR’s Social Responsibility
MCDR is committed to its effective role towards the society, and accordingly the general assembly of MCDR’s shareholders annually donates quite a good share of the company’s profits to charity organizations. MCDR established a number of charitable and social activities in Upper Egypt, in cooperation with Rotary Club Cairo South, for example:
The surgery convoy in Sohag, 1-4 November 2017
• 98 cataract surgeries
• 3 Open heart surgeries
• 3 Open heart surgeries for children
• 7 Varicose injection operations
• 2 diabetic foot surgeries
• 3 appendectomies and Laparoscopic cholecystectomies
• knee cartilage removal operation
• Providing free medical examination and treatment
• 47 Vascular operations and 35 Doppler Ultrasound operations
• Examining 137 diabetes patients
• 60 Cumulative sugar tests in Sohag Educational Hospital
• Examining 280 diabetes patients
• 180 diabetes tests
• Detecting three new cases
• Examining 44 children with birth defects
• 10 children were redirected to the Qasr El Eyni hospital for open heart surgeries
• Conducting lectures and sessions about CPR for 100 doctors from Sohag
• Conducting lectures about diabetes for 100 doctors
• Distributing 50 quilts, 300 oil bottles, and 650 food packs
• Donating 40 covers to Akhmim hospital in Sohag